1/30 – Response 1.1

January 28, 2019

Reading assignment:

Terry Eagleton, “Introduction: What is Literature?” Please read this chapter carefully and take notes. It will be helpful to mark important passages, and to mark the places that inspire questions or confusion.

Writing assignment:

We ended last class by discussing this line in Marianne Moore’s “Poetry”: “. . . these things are important not because a / high-sounding interpretation can be put upon them but because they are / useful.”

How does her idea of poetry being important when it is useful seem to relate to Terry Eagleton’s attempt to define what literature is? Think especially of his discussion of “interests” and “value.” Is “usefulness,” then, a stable definitional category for literature? What do you think Eagleton means when he writes, “value-judgements themselves have a close relation to social ideologies” (14)?

Please respond below with about 250 words. You may choose to respond directly to the prompt, or you may respond to a previous comment left by a classmate. Be sure to quote important moments directly from the text with a parenthetical citation of the page number inside the punctuation, as in the example above.


January 21, 2019

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