3/4 – Response 2.1

March 1, 2019

Reading Assignment: Read both Mina Loy’s “Feminist Manifesto” and chapter 5 of Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own.

Writing Assignment: In a short response, compare these two different feminist responses from women writing from about the same time. How do the stylistic choices each make shape the meaning of their message? What do Woolf and Loy have in common? Where do they differ?

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12 Responses to “3/4 – Response 2.1”

  1.   Navneet Kaur said:

    Mina Loy’s “Feminist Manifesto” and chapter 5 of Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own are extravagant pieces of writing that express a feminists voice in two perspectives. While reading Mina Loy’s “Feminist Manifesto” it was written in a harsh tone. Not only was just trying to yell and get her point across but she also includes discrimination her writing against men that showed her strong disapproval of how women are treated. Virginia Woolf on the other hand in chapter 5 of A Room Ones Own was not as aggressive as Loy. Woolf was calm and didn’t discriminate men. She was careful to point out in history by including the random example of Life’s Adventure by the (fictional) author Mary Carmichael and point out that even in that book women on women wasn’t just because they liked or hated each other it was always revolving around me. She tried to get her point through in an efficient and calm way, unlike Loy who was just kind of protesting against the idea that .be brave and deny at the outset that pathetic clap-trap war cry, ‘Woman is the equal of man.’ She is not.” She wanted that idea to be embraced and heard that women need to embrace power by reaching the role of power. Despite this tone differences between these writing pieces, these pieces were similar in what they wanted to express. Both pieces wanted women to empowered whether it was by being harsh and loud or supportive and subtle. Both of the authors wanted women to stop being related to men and wanted the women themselves to be empowered.

  2.   jennifer gavilanes said:

    In Feminist Manifesto by by Mina Loy’s and in chapter 5 of Virginias’s Woolf’s A Room of one’s own are both writings in which shows two different perspectives and voices are portraying the topic of feminists voice. The first example where this is shown is in “Feminist Manifesto” where the tone is very agressive and harsh. Throughput the entire writing all her points she tries to make are shown to be in a bigger font to get what she’s trying to say out and clear. She tries to express how she does not approve how women are treated. However, in chapter 5 Virginia has more of a calmer tone and does not make many major points as Feminist Manifesto does. Although they don’t share the same tones, they wanted the same message to be understood on women.

  3.   Wenhui Ding said:

    From Mina Loy’s “Feminist Manifesto” and chapter 5 of Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own, they express in two different perspectives about feminists. In Feminist Manifesto, Mina Loy believes that woman should not only have their own money and place to live. But rather should have more individual freedom, a greater range of roles for woman, and better statues. From the sentence “be brave & deny at the outset that pathetic clap-trap war cry, ‘woman is the equal of man.’ She is not.” Loy actually rejects the notion that woman and men are equal. Loy presents her ideas with aggressive and straightforward, while Woolf was asset her points quietly. Woolf invents an imaginary author, “Mary Carmichael,” and analyzes her book life’s adventure. When declaring that “Chloe liked Olivia,” Woolf believed that women could be friends in literature. Woof, as a feminist, fought out that there is no complete equity among women. Women should be seeking the elevation of every women’s status inside the women’s group. And she does not view men as an “opposing faction”. Woolf encouraged women to write what exactly what our imaginary. They are both focusing on seeking women’s right. However, both women differed in opinion on the definition of feminism and how said dependence should be obtained.

  4.   Rawdah Rahim said:

    From Mina Loy’s “Feminist Manifesto” and chapter 5 of Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own, both demonstrate the topic of feminism in their own unique perspectives. Mina Loy expresses her opinion loudly; woman should have a sense of stability by being independent. The stereotypical notion of following societies view of a woman to be “identified with her physical purity…” (Loy, 154). Loy rejects the idea that men are of equal to men stating, “be brave & deny at the outset that pathetic claptrap war cry, ‘woman is the equal of man.’ She is not” (Loy, 153). She continues to develop this idea by stating that men and women who abide by the rules that are correlated to women should not confirm their masculinity or femininity.Her bold message is clear when she introduces the idea of maternity explaining that every female has the option to make her own decision about her life and it should not be influenced or directed by anyone else. Virginia Woolf’s proposition is expressed in a more calm note as she does not concentrate on men and her rage towards them. Instead she explains the power of unity between woman that would bring change and revolution into society. Her reference to the fictitious author, Mary Carmichael’s book Life’s Adventures, authenticates her argument “that women, like men have other interests besides the perennial interests of domesticity” (Wolf, 130). Wolf, opposing Loy’s argument explains that both men and women equally look past just the permanent idea of a stereotypical family relationship. The different styles of harsh and soft tones in Loy’s and Wolf’s pieces both contribute to their different perspectives of how they view the universal idea of feminism.

  5.   kyle swedin said:

    The “Feminist Manifesto” by Mina Loy uses a more direct and point driven tone rather then Virginia Wolf does in her reading, A Room of One’s Own. Loy targets others when talking about feminism, more specifically, the men. Her point is that women are not equal to men and don’t get treated the same. She argues its mans fault and women are the ones who have to pay for it. Virginia Wolf reading, tackles the problem a different way. she chooses not to blame the men and instead think of ways women can become stronger. She talks about ways that the problem can actually be solved. Through coming together and combining forces with one another, women, she claims, can help each other and can bring about change for the better. Their stylistic choices demonstrate what side they are fighting for and how they are fighting; either through peace or confrontation.

  6.   JiaJun Lin said:

    The point of views between “Feminist Manifesto” and “A Room of One’s Own” were the major difference, in “feminist manifesto”, author acknowledge the disadvantaged women in society, he or she questioned the reader to rethink the judgement for a weak and a strong woman; in “A Room of One’s Own”, author wrote the novel as if she was not a woman, she written this piece without the present of sex difference. Two readings had an interesting contrast because when I read the “Feminist Manifesto”, I agreed with the author that women should be equal to men and it is society’s fault that men are the dominance, but my judgements and opinions became neutral and unbiased when I finished reading “A Room of One’s Own”.
    One of the common theme that I spotted was women should not be dependent on men, in both readings, authors talked about how women could function without the existence of men. One of the example from “A Room of One’s Own” was one elderly woman held by another female crossing a street, it might be a insignificant example, however, this is saying that women can work through obstacles without depending on male.

  7.   Rose Fattakhov said:

    Mina Loy’s “Feminist Manifesto” and Virginia Woolf’s “A Room of One’s Own” both express the topic of feminism in their own unique way. Mina Loy is trying to find a individual female who is free from masculinity and start overthrowing the men. She is also promoting more freedom for females, more options of roles in society for women, and an improvement in status for the female gender. Loy does not accept the fact that men and women are equal. She says, “ Be brave and deny at the outset – that pathetic clap-trap war cry woman is the equal of man for she is not!” (153) She believes that those who are saying that men and women are equal are in fact lying. Loy still believes there is inequality between males and females. In addition, Loy believes the inequality is about a power struggle. She believes women need to be in charge and demand their power. In order to do so, “Women must destroy in themselves, the desire to be loved” (155).

    On the other hand, Virginia Woolf compares men and women instead of intensely speaker about how women are better like Mina Loy wrote. Woolf praises and focuses on the differences between men and women. She speaks about how women can see things men cannot and vice versa. Even though there are many differences, Woolf says, they should not cause feuds between genders. Then, Woolf says something that does agree with Loy. Woolf mentions that the feuds and anger between men and women rise because of a power imbalance. Both genders want to be in control, but Woolf says this is bad for everyone. Loy says women need to be in charge and Woolf says, there should be not power struggle.

  8.   Terry Chen said:

    In both “Feminist Manifesto” and “Virginia Woolf”, the topic of feminism is elaborated upon. Although, these two text takes different approaches on the topic they share multiple similarities and differences. For example, one difference is the writing style and tone between these two writers. In Loy’s writing a more serious and demanding kind of tone is presented while in Woolf’s writing calm explanation. Loy uses a high diction in her writing but her writing isn’t written in a formal manner. On the other hand, Woolf uses neutral diction and writes in a formal matter. Woolf talks about how feminism has come a long way and progress has been made but Loy would disagree. In “Feminist Manifesto” Loy states “The feminist movement as at present instituted is Inadequate”(1). In contrast, “Virginia Woolf” states “for there are almost as many books written by women now as by men” (1). Furthermore, a claim that both writers would agree upon is that women are just for pleasure and comfort. In Loy’s writing she stated that “there is nothing impure in sex – expect in the mental attitude to its – will constitute an incalculable & wider social regeneration than its is possible for our generation to imagine” (2). Similarly, Woolf states “But we should wrong these illustrious men very greatly if we insisted that they got nothing from these alliances but comfort, flattery and the pleasures of the body” (5). Both writers touch upon the same topic but different approaches were used which resonate differently for different people. Loy used a more anger and tense manner whereas Woolf guided the reader through her thought process and experience. Moreover, these two writers would agree on some points but they also would disagree on some points.

  9.   Jenson Hu said:

    Mina Loy’s “Feminist Manifesto” and chapter 5 of Virginia Woolf’s “A Room of One’s Own” speak their thoughts on feminism in different ways. Mina Loy expresses her thoughts on feminism by incorporating demands and stating what women have to do better than man. For example, she says, “Women must become more responsible for the child than man – Women must destroy in themselves, the desire to be loved – The feeling that it is a personal insult when a man transfers his attention from her to another woman.” In other words, this means that women must forget their desire to be wanted/to be loved, and instead, focus on themselves and fulfill a goal to be better than man so that they don’t feel the need to have them in their life. On the other hand, Virginia Woolf’s “A Room of One’s Own” expresses her thoughts on feminism by comparing and contrasting women and men, but not in a commanding tone. This is shown in the opening paragraph of this chapter which says, “I had come at last, in the course of this rambling, to the shelves which hold books by the living, by women and by men; for there are almost as many books written by women now as by men. Or if that is not yet quite true, if the male is still the voluble sex, it is certainly true that women no longer write novels solely.”

  10.   Brian Osorio said:

    The two women being discussed today both have great forms and style of writing. Mina Loy, the women who wrote the Feminist Manifesto did a great job of putting on a motivational tone to her message. The words of choice that she had made me think and it made me even question myself as a male when the whole thing is about women and their rights. The way her work was laid out was outstanding as well. It was as if the words came right out of the paper and came to life, sort of like she brought meaning to the message by making the important words bigger and bolder than the rest of the other words in the manifesto. This emphasized what needed to be focused on more deeply, and it opened a new way for the reader to be able to understand this message further.
    Virginia Woolf on the other hand had more of a high diction throughout the chapter. Her message was more drawn out and stretched out showing the importance of the matter and not that it is a quick easy 1,2,3 read. And even though these two writers had similar ideas in mind between women and their rights, they both go about writing about it in two different ways showing us that not everyone is the same, but if you have a will to spread a message you can go about it in plentiful ways.

  11.   Jason Jiang said:

    In the feminist manifesto by Mina Loy and chapter 5 of Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own are both writing that are two different perspectives coming from feminist voices of their time. The Feminist Manifesto is different from chapter 5 of Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own as it has a harsher tone. The writing takes itself very seriously and highlights the inequality of woman using bolded words in specific parts of the writing. Virginia Woolf on the other hand isn’t as aggressive as they don’t try to force their opinion down on you. Virginia Woolf does this by instead creating a story to which they are able to get their point across. Both Mina Loy and Virginia Woolf have the same objective though and that is wanting woman to feel empowered without having to depend on men, but both take two different approaches in trying to express that. Both mention a imbalance of power, but Woolf writes about how women can do things better than men in certain areas while men can do things better than women in certain areas. Loy on the other hand seem to only mention how women need to take charge and stop relying on men.

  12.   Ayoub Janah said:

    To begin with, both the Feminist Manifesto and “A room of One’s Own” by Virginia Woolf have the same perspective on feminism but take a different attitude. As in the Feminist Manifesto had more of a direct and disruptive tone. Much of the writing is underlined and bolded. Especially words that have a deeper meaning. As it states, “…that pathetic clap-trap war cry Woman is the qual of man for She is NOT!” This has a tone that yells out to readers. As it may be pointing out how women are superior than men. In society feminism has been shaped and changed into many different meanings. It’s a fast paced society and many things change around us. Another point that was interesting is when it states, “…you have the choice between Parasitism, and Prostitution-or Negation.” As this is giving limited choices for women to choose from it goes on to explain that mistress and mother may mean different things. The symbolism in these three words correlate to what women may face or undergo through their lives. Virginia Woolf takes a different route on explaining feminism. As it’s more of a calm demeanor and slow paced. Which it goes through saying how writing and reading has changed across genders. Women are becoming more accepted in literature. And the idea of having the same sexes love each other may be difficult as women are already degraded as it is. As Virginia states, “Chloe like Olivia,” I read. And then it struck me how immense a change was there. Chloe liked Olivia perhaps for the first time in literature,”(130) This quote shows the breakthrough of how women may be degraded lower than before because of this action. As society displays women through many harsh and negative words from the first article. This very second one shows a calm attitude that is seen throughout the novel.

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