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April 15, 2019

Reading Assignment: “A Mother” and “Grace” from James Joyce’s Dubliners.

Writing Assignment: Write a research question, following the advice from the assignment sheet for the third paper (under the assignments tab on this blog). You should choose some aspect of Dubliners (after these two stories you will have read all of the book except the last story) that you would like to investigate further. This may be a larger social question like the role of race, gender, and class in the book; or a more local, textual question, like Joyce’s use of music or method of dialogue. In a response below, write your question, then give examples from the stories we’ve read that are relevant to your question.


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  1.   Ayoub Janah said:

    James Joyce wrote many short stories that created a book, “Dubliners” which are all interconnected in some way, as it aims to portray the middle class life in Dublin, Ireland. Much of the themes of entrapment, epiphany, paralysis, and explores life and death experiences. As well incorporates the roles of gender, race, class and most importantly religion. An argument that I have come up with is the function of the church and religion on society. James Joyce has stressed the point of religion in most of her stories. For example, the first story, “The Sisters” brings up the subject of religion. We are introduced to the idea how Christianity has become corrupted in the city of Dublin.The chalice that is seen in the story may hold a sentimental presence in his life. But when he is in his coffin he can’t grasp it, and slips of his hands. This very moment was symbolic as it showed how religion has become corrupt in society. As it may lead readers to question the intentions and position that a Church may have in society. Much of the other stories bring up religion as it’s a common theme during the time this was written. Such as the story “Eveline” as the narrator wants to leave but hesitates leaving her family. She starts to feel deep thoughts and is scared how she will be perceived by the public view/society. Because of the structure of the Catholic Church perceives women as the caregivers of a family, so she has no choice but to stay. James Joyce, the 20th century influential writer leaves readers speechless about how the culture, social class, and importantly religion may have an impact in the city of Dublin.

  2.   Alinoor Rahman said:

    In the book, “Dubliners,” James Joyce had written many short stories which all had common themes and some sort of connection throughout all their texts. I think a common theme brought out would be a cross over of life and death. It can be seen in the opening of Dubliners in “Sisters.” In it the exploration of death and the process of remembering the dead, ends with death and tragedy. These stories constantly focus on the meeting point of life and death as a whole, which is also seen in “A Painful Case.” An example of this would be when Mr. Duffy reevaluates his life after hearing about the death of Ms. Sinico in “A Painful Case.” The narrator of the sisters doesn’t know how to feel about death in “Sisters.” In other stories like “Eviline” and “Ivy in the Committee Room” explores memories of the dead haunting the living. The dead cast their shadows and draw attention to the mistakes and failures of the living that people make generation after generation again.There seems to be a constant repetition of this theme. There’s also a clear concern of the “living dead” figures in “Clay,” in the party attended by Maria.

  3.   Rose Fattakhov said:

    In the novel, “Dubliners,” by James Joyce, the short stories are all intertwined somehow. Specifically the short stories, “Eveline,” “A Painful Case,” and “A Little Cloud” all have a common theme of characters having epiphanies. The characters seem to realize huge characteristics about themselves. The epiphanies in “Eveline” and “A Painful Case” are similar because both epiphanies have to do with a routine, which Eveline and Mr. Durry cannot seem to break. Eveline wants to continue her life elsewhere, but is held back by the thoughts of her abusive father and absent brother. Even though she does not seem to enjoy Dublin, she cannot leave with Frank because that will break her routine of things at home, in Dublin. On the other hand, Mr. Durry begins to break his routine when Mrs. Sinico starts to become intimate with him, but he gets scared and ends his relationship with her. In “A Little Cloud,” Little Chandler realizes that he could do a lot more if he leaves his routine in Dublin. He has great opportunities waiting for him, just like Ignatius Gallaher did when he went to Paris.

  4.   Terry Chen said:

    The stories presented by James Joyce have many connections and includes a different theme in each story. The most noticeable theme are the situations that each character or characters are stuck in. My argument will be about why these characters are stuck in a situation in which they cannot escape from. For example, Eveline was a story about a girl that kept a promise to her mother to keep the family together and couldn’t leave with the man she loved. In addition, the story “Two Gallants” is another story about two guys living a life with no jobs and realizes when they have a moment to themselves. Another story is “A Little Cloud” which was about a man that envy his friend and had a desire to pursue poetry but couldn’t because of his given situation. Lastly, the story “A Painful Case” was about a classic man that was very isolated lost his only chance at love because of his habits of organization and control. All in all, these stories relate back to the theme of paralysis which the characters are stuck and unable to escape their situation.

  5.   Brian Osorio said:

    Why is dublin considered a not so good place? In almost every story dublin is reffered to as a not so great place. this being consistent is interesting to me and needs more solving.

  6.   Kyle Patrick Swedin said:

    My research question will be why does Joyce choose to leave many of his stories at a dark mysterious end and is there any significance to it. The stories that show the best case of this is, “Araby” “Two Gallants” “A little Cloud” and, “A Painful Case”. These four stories all share ending in which the reader is left guessing as to what will happen next but Joyce never really addresses them so we are meant to be left wondering.

  7.   Wenhui Ding said:

    There are some common themes in the novel “Dubliners”. Joyce’s treatment of religion and it’s importance within the collection of short stories. The majority of people in the dublin makes decisions using religion to guide their actions. My research question is how the culture shift their behavior or cognition? In the story “Eveline,” the main character is abused by her father and possesses no self-esteem: “She prayed to God to direct her, to show her what was her duty.” The culture in James Joyce’s Dubliners was an integral part of Ireland, connect with the social fabric of its citizens.

  8.   Jenson Hu said:

    My research question will be about why many of these stories in Dubliners relate to the theme of violence and death within one’s life. Some examples from the stories are “A Painful Case” where Mrs.Sinico’s death heavily impacts Mr.Duffy, and in the story “Eveline” where the main character’s mother and brother has passed away, and her father is abusive which may have lead to her being “paralyzed”, or the decision to not leave the country.

  9.   Matthew Outar said:

    Throughout “Dubliners”, James Joyce portrays similar themes in most of his short stories. Evidently, depicted in stories such as” Eveline”, “A Painful Case” and “The Boarding House”. All of these pieces embody a similar theme displaying the domestic life in Dublin for a woman. Joyce constantly addresses the societal challenges at that given time. He over emphasizes the role of gender in his pieces to genuinely display the gender disparities in Dublin at the time. Further research on the societal expectations and challenges of women can further our understanding on Joyce’s work.

  10.   Rawdah Rahim said:

    James Joyce writes in a specific style and theme that stays concrete throughout all the passages of the book. I want to concentrate on the theme of paralysis on the characters and how it serves as an epiphany to the storyline. I would also like to skew my attention to the plots of the stories and compare Dublin to outside cities to discuss the routine that the characters follow and their desperate desire to get out of it.

  11.   Navneet Kaur said:

    In the story Dubliners James Joyce writes to emphasize many points through out all of the short stories. When doing this essay I might want to concentrate on the setting of the story. I could look at how Dublin was portrayed and how the situation in Dublin was being reflected

  12.   Navneet Kaur said:

    The story Dubliners by James Joyce many themes were presented. She wrote in a style that emphasized many different themes. When writing this essay I think I’ll focus on how the setting was being reflected consistently thorough out all the stories. From the color ful bazaar to the boat to the house and to the streets Dublin’s environment was being reflected through all the short stories. I think I’m going to analyze how the setting played a big a role on the stories plot.

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