5/1 – Paper Draft

April 29, 2019

Reading Assignment: Revisit the stories from Dubliners you are writing about, or one you didn’t read.

Writing AssignmentBring to class a paper copy of your first draft of the final paper. This should represent your best attempt, at this stage, to write a final paper according to the guidelines on the assignment sheet. Your draft does not need to be complete, though the more developed it is, the more helpful the revision process will be.

Your draft should include engagement with original research (your final paper must include at least two original sources). Please come to class prepared to give a short, conversational presentation about one of your sources. This presentation should include basic information about the article (the author, the date of publication, where you found the article––journal, book, etc.); an explanation of the article’s argument or thesis; and your opinion of this argument.

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